We’ve compiled a list of the most often asked questions in regard to AllerVarx® below. This will not only help clarify any concerns you may have regarding usage instructions and benefits, but also assist you in making a choice to start reversing your hair loss, today.

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What Makes AllerVarx® The Most Innovative Supplement to Support Allergy Symptons?

AllerVarx® was clinically tested and published with statistical results in reducing symptoms of allergy. It employs patented fast slow release technology, using only natural ingredients, to support your immune system during allergy season.

Where Does AllerVarx® Come From?

Formulated with highly effective, natural and balanced ingredients, AllerVarx® uses a scientific formula that was clinically tested and published to support your immune system and reduce symptoms associated with allergy.

How Can I Be Sure AllerVarx® is Safe?

AllerVarx® was clinically studied and published with no side effects. It is also manufactured in a cGMP Certified laboratory. Moreover, AllerVarx® is constantly tested to ensure it's safe to use. The product is a 100% all natural with no additives, preservative, or artificial ingredients.

Who Should Not Take AllerVarx®?

Patients who are taking other medications, or with previous health conditions, should consult a doctor first before using any supplements including AllerVarx®.

Where Else Can I Purchase AllerVarx®?

AllerVarx® can be purchased directly from our website at and on Amazon. By supporting the entire supply chain we can guarantee you maximum efficacy in every bottle

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